Pregnenolone Cream

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Trouble Concentrating or Remembering? Want More Energy & Stamina?


Did You Know? Pregnenolone levels in the body start to decline after the age of 30.

You might start noticing that your energy levels start to fall, and you reach for caffeine to give you a boost. Or perhaps you will start noticing your concentration levels or memory is not what it used to be. These are all signs that your body’s pregnenolone levels are decreasing.

Pregnenolone is the precursor to all the body’s naturally occurring hormones including dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, cortisol, and all the other hormones products by adrenal glands.

Pregnenolone Cream may help the body maintain youthful pregnenolone levels & support healthy body functions & cognitive health.

Pregnenolone is synthesized directly from cholesterol and is responsible for countless functions in our bodies.

By the age of 75, however, the production of this valuable hormone has declined by as much as 60%, and levels of the hormones for which pregnenolone is a precursor have also diminished.

Wang M, Seippel L, Purdy RH, Backstrom T. Relationship between symptom severity and steroid variation in women with premenstrual syndrome: a study on serum pregnenolone, pregnenolone sulfate, 5 alpha-pregnane-3,20-dione and 3 alpha-hydroxy-5 alpha-pregnan-20-one. J Clin Endocrinol Metab 1996;81:1076-82.
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25mg Per Pump
Over 70 Pumps Per Container
Paraben Free
Phenoxyethanol Free
Suggested Use: Massage cream once or twice daily into smooth skin areas such as wrists, face, throat or chest. For topical use only. Do not use on mucous membranes. Individual needs may vary.

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Pregnenolone Cream