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Connecting Health and Science through Innovation.

Health Care ProductsWe are engaged in the development and marketing of over the counter health care products that utilize exclusive technology and innovative delivery systems. We have great people, with a long history in the industry and all the pieces in place to create some magic.

Consumers have an increasing interest in self-care. We have a solution for consumers that can change the way that they take care of themselves and we are well positioned to become a major player in this space.

We will become a household name with something that everyone is proud to have in their medicine cabinet. Most medicines are designed to mask symptoms but our products are different. They contain active ingredients that go to the root cause of the health problems.

Our mission

To provide the world with superior value and performance in all that we do, all that we are and all that we create.

What guides us is a culture that strives for excellence, embraces innovation and fosters trust.

Core values

  • Provide quality products that can change peoples lives.
  • Reaching for the limits of technology in the healthy products industry.
  • Provide awesome service to our customers.
  • And finally we are guided by three rules – integrity, integrity, integrity.