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About us

Signature Formulations LLC, a diversified nutraceutical, personal care and pharmaceutical manufacturing company headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, is a contract manufacturer and private labeler of many branded, high quality nutritional supplements including capsules and powders as well as skin care creams and liquid vitamins.

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Humble Beginnings

In 2014, Signature Formulations LLC began as a small manufacturing company of personal care creams and have since grown to manufacturing a variety of products. Today, Signature Formulations LLC has become the premier full-scale contract manufacturer of nutraceuticals, dietary supplements, and OTC’s.

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Our Mission

Connecting Health and Science through Innovation. 

Our Vision

To provide the world with superior value and performance in all that we do, all that we are and all that we create. 

Our Core Values

• Guided by three principles: Integrity, Integrity, Integrity 

• Provide quality products that can change people’s lives. 

• Provide awesome service to our customers. 

R & D Formulations

1. Raw Material Sourcing

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2. Pre-Formulation

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3. Pilot runs

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4. Scale-Up Production Batch

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Our manufacturing facility totals 20,000 square feet. Designed specifically for pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, which allow us to schedule flexible production runs to get your products to market faster without sacrificing quality. 

We continually invest in the latest manufacturing technologies to maximize efficiency, maintain quality and consistency, stay on top of an ever-changing regulatory climate, and maintain flexible manufacturing capacities that can grow with your business. 

We offer a full range of contract manufacturing and packaging services including blending, two-piece hard-shell gelatin encapsulation, bottling, and powder filling. 

Raw Materials

Our purchasing team works closely with our formulation experts and scientists to source, analyze, and approve raw materials for use in our products. Each ingredient is subjected to a comprehensive battery of tests to verify its Certificate of Analysis before it can be approved for use in our formulations. Read More

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Quality Operations

Signature Formulations LLC utilizes a Total Quality System to assure that only the highest quality products are delivered to our customers. This concept starts from the receipt of raw materials through the transformation of the ingredients to finished products ready for shipping. All these steps are performed with strict adherence to and compliance with drug GMP’s (Good Manufacturing Practice) requirements. A well-documented and controlled system of SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures), batch records, test records allow us to guarantee the total quality of our products. 

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Quality Control

Raw ingredients, in-process materials, and finished products are tested for conformity to written specifications at each stage of production. The QC team works closely with manufacturing to ensure that all products meet established test specifications. We also regularly use independent, third-party testing laboratories to assure compliance to our strict quality requirements. 

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Quality Assurance

Our QA (Quality Assurance) team crosschecks our manufacturing process for compliance with written procedures, and interfaces closely with our customers to assure that we meet or exceed their quality requirements and products specifications. Through regular, in-house audits by the QA group, our production crew demonstrates conformity to GMP requirements and assures the effective operation of the system. QA also monitors our lab procedures and instrument calibration protocol to ensure acceptable levels of accuracy, precision, and reproducibility of our quantitative analyses. Finished products are not released until QA completes the final inspection in accordance with the written protocols. 

Ultimately, we provide a Certificate of Analysis with each product to assure the reliability of our nutraceuticals. Each member of our team takes pride in what we do, so we guarantee our products to pass any independent lab analysis. That’s our commitment to you. 

Process Steps

1 .Receiving

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2. Quarantine

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3. Weighing

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4. Blending

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6. Encapsulation

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6. Quality Control

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7. Shipping

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