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I have been using ( so and so products lightening ) for about 8 days now and have noticed tremendous differences. First of all, my face is softer and smoother. Bumps and blemishes have smoothed out to about 50%. Also, my skin tone has evened out. It has a nice glow to it that I absolutely love!! And last
but not least the couple of age spots that I have at age 32 are bearly noticeable. I would recommend these creams to any of my friends. The price is no match and the results are amazing !!
[Ruth Ríos
Atlanta, GA

I have been on Prescriptive synthetic hormones for many years. I’m an RN and I have now become a loyal Sigform customer. I read a book by Dr. Platt called The Miracle of Bio- Identical Hormones and thru that, following his directions I switched to Sigform’s bio identical creams. I can attest the energy I now have, as a grandmother of 3, the migraines have stopped and I can now sleep thru the night. That is huge for someone in my position.
I have become a real believer in another Sigform product as well. I twisted my ankle and came into work the next day pretty much hopping on one foot. I was given a sample of Sigform’s pain relief cream and I tried it. As a nurse, I was skeptical that something natural in a cream could help a serious sprain. To my amazement, within 4 hours, my swelling was down to about half of what it was. Now, 2 days later, I am walking normally. Without a doubt, I am a believer in Sigform’s products.
Eileen Hilton RN
Scottsdale AZ

Interesting thing is that I have been to a number of trade shows where Sigform has been exhibiting. When standing by their booth, people come up to me and they all basically have same thing to say. They are all impressed. The way they put it, is that Sigform products are amazing. I think what they are saying is that the Sigform products are exceptional because they are different from run of the mill products that people tend to see. They manufacture quality products that are better or different from others. It’s been a very good experience for me working with this company.
Michael Platt MD
Rancho Mirage CA